imagine ryan ross spilling hot soup all over himself

I’m the light b l i n k i n g at the end of the road. (!)


sometimes I get so overwhelmed with how much I love twenty one pilots. and by sometimes I mean at all times.


The Sicker Than Frickers


I decided to make a friend group because I need more people that love twenty one pilots just as much as me in my life yeah?

okay so rules

  • mbf: me
  • reglob this post
  • fill this out
  • it would be great if we’re mutuals but I will be checking out all people who reblog it
  • be able to be in a group chat(not a must though)(i know group chats can be annoying)
  • skype sessions?(you dont have to show your face if you dont want to so its okay)
  • we’re going to have a bunch of fun trust me
  • just do it
  • you can also tag me in posts if you want (i track twenyonepilots and i will be tracking sickerthanfrickers)
  • I have no idea how many people I’m choosing
  • I’ll be choosing on November 6th(depending or not if this gets a decent amount of notes)
  • yeah do this bc i think it will be super fun k thanks



October 19, 2014


I hope the royal baby goes through an emo phase


American education